First Chemical Database Based on Quantum Mechanics

2.85 million chemical compounds
Database for Chemical Property Information
Cited in Research Papers Like Nature
Based on 41 Patented Technologies
Awarded Korea Best Patents for 2014
The World's Largest in terms of Information Volume
Developed NAVER Chemical Structure Dictionary

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What is Mol-Instincts?

  • NEWA New Chemical Database

    World’s First Chemical Database Based on Quantum Mechanics.

  • 2.85MillionMore than 5.9 Billion of Data and Info

    Over 2,100 sets of data are available for each and every 2.85 million compounds.

  • 95%High Level of Accuracy

    The level of prediction accuracy by Mol-Instincts has been verified to be above 95% in most cases when compared with experimental data available to date
    (other existing methods, e.g., Joback method provides 63% of the accuracy level for boiling point prediction)